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With the march towards Industry 4.0 afoot, enabling technologies are becoming ever more prominent. While 2D printing has been around for a while and is already pretty well established in its own right, the technology's inherent flexibility makes it a particularly useful tool in I4.0 mass customisation manufacturing models where batch size one is the ultimate goal.

Perhaps reflecting this, Siemens is to invest £27m in a new 3D printing factory in Worcester, which will be powered by Siemens Digital Enterprise technologies solutions, an end-to-end portfolio comprising software-based systems and automation components to harness the potential of digitalisation. Read more in the lead story, right.

Charlotte Stonestreet
CDA Editor
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Siemens to invest £27m in new 3D-printing factory

Siemens is to make a £27 million investment in a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for Worcester-based Materials Solutions Ltd; its additive manufacturing, or 3D printing specialist. The new building, set to open in September 2018, will enable it to increase its fleet of 3D printing machines from 15 to 50 over the next five years.

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FANUC technology for state-of-the-art training centre

FANUC has installed a range of its technology at the Manufacturing Technology Centre's Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre, as part of the MTC's continued commitment to evolve its cutting-edge training and development facilities for the next generation of engineers.

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Automating switchgear manufacture

Rittal Automation Systems is now offering new and improved machines and tools that will help automate or part-automate switchgear manufacture; the Secarex AC 15 cutting centre being just one example.

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Power range extended

Rulmeca has increased the nominal output performance of its 80LS drum motors within an 81.5mm diameter roller, from a maximum of 120 watts to 160 watts.

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Chain guide products

Nationwide specialist bearing distributor, Industria Bearings & Transmissions, is highlighting its range of chain guide products from Murtfeldt, which are suitable for multiple industrial applications.

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Easily prove product tampering

Tamper-evident labels provide immediate proof of product tampering and can easily be printed and applied at your location.

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AMP announces capacitive encoders as alternative for stepper motor stall detection

Applied Motion Products Inc. (AMP) has recently announced an alternative encoder technology for microstepping motor position verification. Available from Mclennan, AMP's European distribution partner, capacitive encoder technology offers advantages for applications where increased durability or space savings are required.

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Guaranteed, immediate 24/7 engineer response to drive failure

Quantum Controls are proud to provide a genuine 24/7 emergency response when you're faced with detrimental drive failure.

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Support sustainability & Industry 4 with Pirana CMMS, the complete maintenance software solution,... and it's affordable!

The price of Pirana CMMS proves that organisations don't have to look to expensive and complex systems to meet maintenance goals. To extend asset life, cut costs, meet compliance and move towards your sustainability goals, then look no further.

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Small but mighty: always on the right rack

With the IPS 200i, Leuze electronic has introduced the smallest camera-based sensor on the market for compartment fine positioning with high-bay storage devices in single-depth storage. It impresses with some powerful advantages, particularly its fast commissioning and simple alignment.

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