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Welcome to the latest eNewsletter from Controls Drives & Automation

As the use of collaborative robots continues to grow apace, the workspaces of humans and robots are increasingly overlapping both spatially and chronologically, bringing about new challenges when it comes to ensuring safety.

If you use, or are considering the use of collaborative robots, it is essential you are aware of the issues. Addressing this, CDA is teaming up with Pilz to bring a free webinar.

More information in the top story, right.

Charlotte Stonestreet
CDA Editor
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Latest Issue
Latest Issue
Innovations in Robotics Webinar to address cobot safety

Taking place on 1st October 2019 at 10.30, the first Controls, Drives & Automation webinar, sponsored by leader in automation safety, Pilz, and entitled 'Innovations in Robotics', will focus on safety in robot and cobot applications.

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MOD unveils transformed approach to innovation

The recently published Defence Technology Framework (DTF) and Defence Innovation Priorities (DIP) set out how defence will address the accelerating pace of technological change in the years to come. This includes identifying technologies that can revolutionise defence as well as outlining a more sophisticated relationship with industry.

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'Flying fish' robot

A team at Imperial College London has come up with a bio-inspired bot that uses water from the environment to create a gas and launch itself from the water's surface.

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MTC opens new centre in Liverpool's Knowledge Quarter

The Coventry-based MTC is to open a new manufacturing technology centre in Liverpool to support manufacturing growth and innovation in the region.

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Rockwell announced as founding member of ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance

To better secure today's complex and often vulnerable production operations, the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance has announced Rockwell Automation as a founding member.

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Network spearheading UK's digital aviation future continues to grow

The £67 million Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC) under construction at Cranfield University is growing its ecosystem with new aerospace, systems management and infrastructure innovation companies joining the project.

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FANUC to focus on delivering productivity through automation at inaugural Open House

In order to answer some of the burgeoning questions on automation in UK manufacturing, FANUC will host its first ever Manufacturing, Automation, and Digital Transformation Open House.

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Making the case for remote access

For as long as industrial machine builders have existed, they have had the desire to look into the operation of their machines from afar.

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Phytron announce microstepping drive module for SIMATIC®ET®200SP distributed I/O system

Recently launched by Phytron GmbH and available from Mclennan - its exclusive UK and Ireland sales partner - the TM StepDrive is designed specifically for the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA distributed and scalable I/O system.

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OEM I2C digital transmitter

The smallest fully functional OEM I2C digital transmitter for pressure and temperature measurement by KELLER the LD Series.

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Best-in-class motion solutions

Portescap offers best-in-class solutions to meet the motion needs of medical and industrial applications. We serve performance-critical motion applications with a broad offering of miniature electronic motor product technologies brushless DC, brush DC, stepper motors and linear actuators.

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