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It has long been known that water cooling systems are vulnerable to build-up of the legionella bacteria, which can lead to outbreaks of Legionnaires Disease. Indeed, in 2002 seven people were killed after an outbreak in Barrow-in-Furness. In this e-newsletter we see how a manufacturer was fined after failing to effectively manage its water cooling systems, causing legionella bacteria to grow to potentially lethal levels. Read more.

Simon Duddy
IPE Newsletter Editor

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Car parts manufacturer fined £1.6 million

A South Tyneside car parts manufacturer has been fined £1.6million after a Legionnaires' disease outbreak and an explosion occurred at the same plant within a year.

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More compact compressors

With the new generation Turbo G5plus AERZEN has developed the most compact and efficient turbo in its class, the company says.

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Standards partnership on additive manufacturing

MTC teams up with leading global standards organisation to advance Additive Manufacturing.

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Hyster to give first glimpse of monster electric truck

In 2017, Hyster Europe revealed that a zero-emissions, 48-tonne Hyster's laden container handling truck was being developed.

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AMRC provides research on collaborative robotics

Engineers at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) are leading the way in Collaborative Robotics research in a drive to help SMEs integrate the technology onto factory floors.

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Will the 4th industrial revolution be good or bad for our health?

The manufacturing industry is going through a period of significant change with automation, nanotechnology and changing work patterns all playing a part. The British Safety Council offers an expert opinion on a number of the issues affecting the manufacturing sector now and in the future.

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App-based image processing with IDS NXT vegas: now with colour sensor

IDS NXT is a new generation of vision app-based industrial cameras from IDS. Individual tasks can be realised with the app development kit, new functions can be installed as easily as apps on a smartphone.

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Thermography in Photo Quality

The VarioCAM High Definition from InfraTec allow IR images in photo quality.

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Red Lion Controls announces Crimson 3.1 support for OPC unified architecture

The new functionality simplifies communications from the shop floor to business systems.

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ROTRONIC Introduces a New Temperature and Humidity / Moisture Handheld

ROTRONIC is proud to introduce the new HP32 temperature and humidity measurement handheld with interchangeable probe input for all Rotronic HC2-series probes, full logging & spot-value recording functions and much more. The handheld replaces the HP22 model.

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Are air supply issues affecting the performance of your machine?

Discover how you can diagnose air supply issues with the Industry 4.0 enabled Sentronic HD proportional valve, for high accuracy pressure regulation applications.

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More efficiency with clear maintenance visuals

Plant maintenance operations are a necessity to maintain and secure production capacity.

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Want a high quality finish with minimal effort?

Chicago Pneumatic understands that customer satisfaction is key to its continued success, indeed quality is a priority as products are constantly optimised so that the customer is offered the most suitable tool for the toughest of applications.

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Want to reduce enclosure complexity?

Less is more; that is the philosophy behind Rittal's new VX25 large enclosure system. The new range has helped to reduce complexity in enclosure systems significantly thanks to a consistent 25 mm pitch pattern and complete symmetry.

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Improving efficiency with process control

Since the sepia-toned days of a century past, industry has sought effective ways to control their manufacturing and production processes. As new technology has influenced factories and plants, Schneider Electric have seen new approaches appear to maximise benefits realised.

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Lee Spring offers catalogue and custom spring solutions

Lee Spring is the UK supplier of choice for catalogued and custom springs, including compression springs, torsion springs, constant force springs, die springs, belleville spring washers, wave springs, extension springs, battery springs and numerous speciality springs.

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